The Best 10 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews Guide For 2017

Let Us Help You Find the Best Rated Ten Cup Coffee Makers on the Market

Ten cup coffee makers are ideal for couples or homes with serious single coffee drinkers. And even though they’re two cups short of a standard coffee maker, these models can still make more than enough coffee for guests.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Our favorite for 2017

Proctor-Silex 10-Cup Coffee Maker

A very close runner-up

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew Thermal Coffee Maker

A high-quality 10 cup coffee maker

But unlike the 12-cup brewers you see on most shelves, 10-cup coffee makers typically have limited features. So, how do you choose one if most of the models look and function the same? We’re going to share five great 10-cup brewers in just a moment, but first, here are some tips on how to compare units.

  • Research the Brand: While brand names aren’t everything, they are something to consider – some have better reputations than others. Be sure to do your research when comparing models to make sure the brands you’re considering are known for quality and durability. It doesn’t matter if a coffee machine is cheap. If it dies in just a few months, you’ll be spending more money on replacement machines in the long run.
  • Look for User Feedback: While you’re researching brands, you may consider looking for reviews from users. User feedback will give you an idea of the machine’s quality – or lack thereof.
  • Consider the Features: What type of features, if any, does the coffee maker offer? Many 10-cup brewers are very simple – they brew coffee, and that’s it – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Make sure the machine offers the features you Maybe you prefer programmable brewing or a thermal carafe. Maybe you just want a coffeemaker that brews a pot of coffee and keeps it warm. Whatever your needs are, make sure the model offers them.

Best Home Coffee Maker Reviews for 2017

Hamilton Beach BrewStation 10-Cup Coffee Maker – Hamilton Beach’s 10-cup BrewStation gives you the convenience of brewing multiple cups at once, but without the headaches of having to deal with a carafe.

Without a carafe, you never have to worry about spilling, pouring, burnt coffee or breaking. Just place your mug under the spout, and the machine will dispense just the right amount of freshly-brewed coffee.

The BrewStation brews ten cups of coffee at one time, and uses a gentle warming heater to keep the coffee at just the right temperature.

A programmable clock allows you to set an automatic two-hour shutoff. And if you’re concerned about using plastics, you’ll be happy to learn that this machine uses BPA-free parts.

Affordably priced and easy to use, the Hamilton Beach BrewStation is one of the best 10-cup coffee makers on the market.

Proctor-Silex 10-Cup 48351 – It’s hard to beat the value of this Proctor-Silex machine and its compact size makes it great for small kitchens with limited counter space.

The 48351 is simple in design. There are no programmable features – you won’t’ even find a clock. But if you’re on a tight budget and want nothing more than a simple cup of good coffee, this is the right model for you.

While there’s no clock or programmable features, there is an auto pause and serve function that lets you enjoy a cup of coffee before the pot is done brewing.

And to make cleanup a breeze, the basket and carafe are both dishwasher safe.

Mr. Coffee BVMC-PSTX91 – If you’re looking for a robust coffee maker, Mr. Coffee’s BVMC-PSTX91 is an excellent choice. With a thermal carafe, your coffee will stay warm and fresh-tasting – no unpleasant burnt taste.

The water reservoir is removable, so refilling is a cinch. There’s also a water filtration system that removes up to 97% of chlorine in the water, allowing for the freshest-tasting coffee with every brew.

A delay brew timer allows you to set the machine to automatically brew your coffee in the morning. And the freshness timer lets you keep tabs on how fresh your coffee is.

The Grab-a-Cup feature lets you brew a cup before the machine finishes brewing, and the Cleaning Cycle lets you know when it’s time to clean the unit.

Mr. Coffee 10 Cup Optimal Brew  – The Optimal Brew from Mr. Coffee is another stainless steel thermal machine that keeps your coffee hot without burning or scorching it.

Like the previous model, this one features a removable water reservoir and water filter for the freshest-tasting coffee with every brew. The Pause ‘N Serve lets you enjoy a cup before the pot is done brewing, and the cleaning cycle will keep your machine clean.

A Delay Brew feature lets you program the unit so that it brew a pot of coffee in the morning – or whenever. This model also has the Fresh Brew Timer that lets you know how long ago you brewed your coffee.

Proctor Silex 10-Cup 48350 – Another affordable coffee maker from Proctor Silex. This 10-cup brewer features a durable glass carafe and auto pause and serve feature, so you can enjoy a cup of coffee before the pot is done brewing.

Dishwasher-safe accessories make cleanup a breeze, and the basket-style filter is easy to empty.

The 48350 is very simple in design – no programmable features or clock – but will brew an excellent pot of coffee very quickly.

This is the ideal coffee pot for anyone on a tight budget, college students, or those who are short on space in the kitchen.

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right 10 Cup Coffee Machine for You

We’ve reviewed five great 10-cup coffee makers. How do you narrow your choices down to just one? To find the right coffee maker for you, you’ll need to consider several things:

Cup Coffee Maker

  • Size: Yes, 10-cup machines are smaller by default, but some machines are more compact than others. It really depends on how many features are offered. The simplest machines are typically the most compact in size, so keep that in mind if you’re short on counter space.
  • Programmable Options: Can you program the machine to brew you a pot of coffee at 7am (or whenever you please)? Can you set the machine to automatically turn itself off after a few hours? Programmable features are very convenient, but they do come at a (minimal) cost. If you’re the type who loves to wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning, programmable brewing may be an important feature for you.
  • Water Filtration: Some 10-cup brewers have a built-in water filtration system, while others do not. If you don’t have a filtration system in your home, it’s recommended that you choose a pot that does offer this. Chlorine and other impurities in the water affect the taste of your coffee – and not in a good way.
  • Cost: Most 10-cup coffee makers are very affordable. And even the higher-end models that offer more robust features are in a budget-friendly price range. With that said, make sure that you set a budget and choose a coffee maker that fits in that budget.